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It is a disease like many others and not one that if you touch a doorknob that a person with herpes touched that you will get it...gods sake!!!!If you care about yourself and the one you want to be with...will both be tested for everything...talk about all you know and have and be respectful towards each other.The only true way not to get anything is to never have sex on any level at any time....does that not seem a little backwards and stupid?Since one in four women have herpes and one in five men have it, it seems only natural that you would discuss it and your choices as you would with any other disease that your partner could or could not receive by sharing body fluids with you on all levels in all places and at all times.....Just my opinion....I respect each woman who has shared that with me first and let me make that decision on my end.....

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

She told me what she knows about it and suggested I do some research and educate myself. Question: How would YOU view a prospective sexual partner informing you of their issue, and how would you handle the situation? You'd be surprised how many people have misconceptions about genital herpes.

wow that would be a tuff call ......first thing i would do is appreciate and applaud them fer their honesty in telling me.....for what i would do then......well, i havent been in that situation before so i dont really know how i would handle it..........well, my best friend was getting married to her so called man of her dreams...was sleeping around on her from a girl he met at a bar..then caught herpes and passed it on to my friend...situation is a little far from yours...all I can do is be her friend because she was the victim.... Did you know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men have it?

I'm a very clean healthy person and would expect the same of whoever a potential partner may be. I know TWO PEOPLE who got it from oral-genital stimulation (and no, I never gave it to anyone, lol).

Here is a response from one of the last herpes threads and what Babs said then and I responded to her....the way..is one of the best on here with thinking and saying her mind and I respect her much.... I know that this can happen to my partner if I'm not careful and feel that 'tingling' on the corner of my mouth. Did you also know that HSV-1 genitally is the most prevalent way of getting genital herpes these days?

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